Ancient Theatre of Acharnai. Municipality of Acharnes

Ancient Theatre of Acharnai. Municipality of Acharnes

The existence of a theater in Acharnes was known from two inscriptions that had been found earlier in the area and today are kept in the Epigraphic Museum and the Archaeological Collection of Acharnes. The Ancient Theater of Acharnai was revealed accidentally in 2007 during the excavation for the construction of a building on a private plot at 21 Salaminos Street, in the center of the modern Municipality.

The discovery of the theater is one of the most important discoveries of recent years, with great coverage by the Greek and international media, and demonstrates the location of the center of the most populous municipality of Attica during the classical period.

The excavation revealed part of the hollow (the complete middle tier with 10 semicircular seats of limestone, as well as two half tiers on either side of the first, part of the horseshoe shape orchestra, a small section of the diazoma pathway, and the drain of the theater of the ancient city.  Most of the hollow is located under the neighboring properties to the north, while the orchestra and the stage if the theater had, are located below Salaminos Street (which was renamed Ancient Theater Street). The construction of the theater dates to the 4th century BC, while the site was in use until Roman times. After the completion of the excavation, the theater was covered for protection reasons.


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