Roman Farmhouses, site Agia Triada, Municipality of Megara

Roman Farmhouses, site Agia Triada, Municipality of Megara

The peninsula of Aghia Triada, situated S.E. of the modern town of Megara, is identified with Minoa Akra, referred by Strabo. Here, according to Thucydides, the Athenian general Nikias (469-413 BC) fortified the area.

On the north slope of the peninsula, near the small Christian temple of the Holy Trinity, walls of the late archaic period are preserved, probably associated with a observatory tower.

During the Roman period, two Farmhouses were built in the same area. The largest of the two was set greatest on and around the archaic structure and it encompasses nineteen rooms and a bath. Seven of these rooms communicate with an inner court, where we can see a circular structure, probably a threshing floor.

The more modest Farmhouse stands at the NW of the archaic structure. From this house, five rectangular rooms can be discerned and a circular oven in the outside area.


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